Levi Perkins Family History Letter


August the 15th 1854
Ever Loving Daughter and grandchildren all

Letter written by Levi Perkins

Letter written by Levi Perkins
I once more take my pen in hand to wright you a few lines to let you no we are both still in the land of the living and in moderate health at this time hoping these lines may find you all in good health of body and of mind we received your letter of May and was truly glad to hear from you and to hear you was all well and doing well. I have neglected wright to you till now. One reason was three of your sisters was in the family way. Vina was brought to bed the 5 of June and had a daughter dead born but she doe very well and Jane was brought to bed the 20 of June and had a fine daughter and is doing well. Becca was brought to bed the 1 day of August and had a fine daughter and is doing well. Matta Duck is still in bad health but she can still go about. She was here a few weeks back and stade better than a week. Thomas Duck and the two boys is well and Mary Duck is still living with Tom and she has her health moderate.

We heard from the Mcbriers this week. They was well with the exception of the youngest girl and she was better.

You wanted to now how old we are, I was 73 years old the 21 of June. Your mother was 72 years old the 31 day of May. I was born 1782 June the 21. Your mother was born 1782 May 31. I have had my health better this summer than some years past. Till lately my health has not bin very good. I am much better at present. Your mothers health is tollarable good but her breath is short and she makes a bad out of walking. She can make out to walk over to Beccas and back. We make our home at James Sloops. Your mother has not been to whare Jane lives as yet, but talks of going soon. Jane has seven children 4 boys and 3 girls. Vina has 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls. Becca has 10 children 7 girls and 3 boys all well and harty. There is a great deal of sickness in our County and a great many deaths. Still we are all spared to the present. O how thangfull we ought to be. We had a frost in the Spring that hurt the wheat crops very much and we have a drouth that have cut the corn crops very short. Wheat is worth a dollar per bushell and it is though corn will be worth a dollar per bushel from the heap. Bocan is worth from 6 to 7 cents per pound. Micayah Southard has sold out here and moved to White County and took his father and mother with him. The old folks was in moderate health.

We heard from Uta this summer and he was well and teaching school in Bracket town. We have not heard from union georgia for some time. We are looking for a letter from there now. They was all well when we heard from there last. I want you to wright to us as soon as you get this letter and wright about old brother Demcy if you no any thing about him and try to let him see this letter and tell him to wright to me. Direct his letter to Athena, Tennessee, if you can't go to see him let some of the boys go to see him and try to git aquainted as you are at a great distance from all your kin. Chiam Arrowwood had not -- back from---- llarirna when we heard from Liza. She stated she would look for him this fawl. We are both as well sattisfide as the nature of the case will admit as our children is so scattered that we can't see them as we would wish but we must try to be patient. We can say what many other cannot say - ten children and all alive as fare as we no and we 72 years old. James Sloop raised 158 bushels of wheat which will bread us one year and bacon is so low has nearly enough to do him another year. So I shall conclude my letter by remembering our love to all.

Levi Perkins and Hopy Perkins to
Anna Linebarger and grandchildren all.