These Baker Family Notes were found in the Bible of Texas Mae Charles. They do not say who complied them. This information is for research purpose only, I make no claim for accuracy.

Our first known Baker ancestor in this country was SAMUEL Baker who, family legend has it was a Hessian Soldier, brought to this country to fight in the U.S. Revolution. But as many did he deserted the British and joined up with the Colonists to finish the War. At the end of the War, again family tradition had it; he was given a land grant in Pennsylvania as payment for his time of service in the Revolution. We have not yet found any definite proof of this.

The next definite mention we find of our Samuel is in Augusta County, Virginia, where on the 24th of September 191, he married BARBARA SHIRLEY, daughter of VALENTINE and CATHERINE (BEAR) Shirley - all listed as Germans in the old Marriage Bond.

We know Samuel and Barbara were living in the neighboring Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1807, at which time they deeded away a track of land. Perhaps it was at that time that they moved to the Indiana Territory. Therefore, their children or most of them- perhaps all except Zachariah-would have been born in Virginia. Their children were:

Barbara Baker - born in 1792; died 1858; buried in the tiny Baker Family Cemetery on the tract of land that Samuel was granted in Pierce township, Washington County, Indiana. This Barbara was probably a twin sister to Catherine, next, and probably died as a single person.

Catherine E. Baker - born August 28, 1792; married John Bush (son of John Bush Sr. who was another Hessian Soldier); she and her husband granted the land for Big Spring Church, which stands today; in the cemetery of that church is where she and her husband are buried. He died March 9, 1848; she died August 30, 1866. They had ten children.

Valentine Baker born probably in 1793; he was married twice. First to Nancy Overton who bore him three children before she died in 1830. Then September 22, 1832 he married a second time-to Mary "Polly" Mahala Hamilton. They had seven children. Valentine was an outstanding man - - being a county doctor, a farmer, a miller, county coroner, and a legislator to the State House of Representatives. He was a Colonel in the Militia during the Mexican War of 1846. He died August 7, 1859 leaving the widow and ten children.

Annie Baker was born in 1796; married Nathaniel Wilson in 1818; they had 6 or 7 children; she died in 1834, probably in Orange County, Indiana.

Elizabeth Baker was born about 1798-1900; married Frederick Wyman; had seven children before he died in 1832; she lived 53 years a widow, and died January 8, 1885 and is buried beside her husband in the Martinsburg cemetery, Martinsburg, Indiana

Jane Baker- birth data unknown so far; married Leonard Wyman, brother of Frederick above; they were married on April 1, 1824, Washington County, Indiana; had at least four children; she died about 1844

Zachariah Baker was born April 2, 1815; He married 1st Elizabeth Bixler (1818 - 1841); after her death he married Sophia Green on February 21, 1843; They had eight children before she died May 10, 1860; he died less than a year later on May 3, 1861, leaving the children orphans at a young age.

Children of Zachariah and Sophia (Green) Baker

1st - Elizabeth Bixler Baker - Born May 14, 1844; married on November 22, 1866 to Thomas Graves, as his second wife; she died on August 26, 1916 at the age of 72 years, 3 months, 12 days, at Dinuba, California; was taken back to Indiana for burial in the Graves Family Cemetery.

2nd -Mary Ellen Baker - BOrn June 9, 1845 in Washington County, Indiana; married on December 26, 1878 to Austin Jerome Charles; they moved to Texas in 1880, where their children were born: (except the first, Nettie)

Nettie Elizabeth Charles - Born December 27, 1879 and Died August 23, 1962
Texas Mae Charles - Born December 19, 1882 and married May 13, 1913 to Arthur Paul LaFayette
Richard Emerson Charles - Born January 20, 1885 and Died June 20, 1962
William Thomas Charles - March 28, 1887 - Married November 7, 1914 to Hazel Blair and Died March 27, 1962

3rd - Samuel Lafayette Baker - "Lame Sam" - Born April 26, 1847; never married ; Died April 13, 1923

4th - Sarah Ann Baker - Born July 26, 1848; married on January 7, 1869 to Samuel W. Overton

5th - Cyrus Livingston Dunham Baker - Born September 14, 1850; married on October 5, 1871 to Harriet Elizabeth Taylor (Manson Eugen Baker's grandparents) Died December 20, 1928

6th - William F.P. Baker - Born May 12, 1852; married on November 17, 1873 to Mariah Sigler (Rev. Manson Edmond Baker's parents); died "young"