Representative Ministers and Laymen of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Rev. Alexander Martin,D.D joined Pittsburgh Conf. in 1847; Principal Northwestern Virginia Academy 1851-1854; elected President Indiana Asbury University in 1875.
Hon. John W.F. White, L.D. born in Washington county, PA, 1821; educated in Allegheny College; an eminent jurist of his state.
Rev. Alfred Wheeler, D.D. born in Ohio, 1824; educated at the Ohio Wesleyan University; in 1876 he was elected Editor of the Pittsburgh Christian Advocate
Rev. Ellwood Haines Stokes, D.D. joined the New Jersey conference in 1844; served the church as pastor in Newark, Morristown, New Brunswick, Trenton, Bordentown, Camden, and other places
Rev. Francis H. Root born in New Berlin, New York, 1815; was a member of the State Methodist Convention which resulted in the establishment of Syracuse University; active in benevolent and business organizations
Hon. Francis H. Pierpont born in Monongahela county, Virginia (now West Virginia); filled positions of responsibility and trust in his state for many years; was Governor of West Virginia.
Rev. Bradford Kinney Pierce born in Royalton, Vermont, 1819; graduated from Wesleyan University Middletown, Connecticut in 1841; joined the New England
Rev. Charles H. Payne, D.D., LL.D born in Taunton, Massachusetts, 1830; graduated from Wesleyan University, 1854; President of Ohio Wesleyan University. 1876-88.
Rev. Alpha J. Kynett born in Adams county, Pennsylvania, 1829; he was the author of the plan for the Church Extension Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Otis Gibson, D.D. born in Franklin county, New York, 1826; graduated from Dickinson College, 1854; sailed from New York to China, 1855; served the Church in Foochow Mission for ten years, and afterward returned to America and was appointed Missionary to the Chinese in California.
Washington C. DePauw, Esq. born at Salem, Indiana, 1822; because of his great interest in the Indiana Asbury University, and his large endowment, the name of the university was changed to that of DePauw University.
Rev. George R. Crooks born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1822 graduated from Dickinson College, 1840; in 1860 he became the Editor of The Methodist, a position he held for fifteen years
Rev. John F. Dravo born in West Newton, Pennsylvania, 1819; educated at Allegheny College; he was President of the National Local Preachers' Association, 1872-3; founder of Beaver College.