Will of John Hogarth

This is the last will of John Hogarth of Town of Ovid being about to go a long and dangerous journey. I give all land in town of Ovid now occupied by William Thompson Esq. as a tenant to my daughter Elizabeth Hogarth. I give my son Andrew P. Hogarth all my land in town of Hector to hirn and to the rest of my children by my present wife Rebecca Hogarth, Viz. Clarissa, Sally, Emily, and Rebecca, each an equal share of all my personal property (list follows) except about eleven hundred dollars due me from Thomas Osborn secured by bond and mortgage to be applied to benefit of my children under direction of my wife who is hereby appointed guardian. To my eldest daughter, Mary, I give $100. To my youngest daughter, Alice, I give $100 in addition to what she has already received, and to my sons, Richard and John S., I give $100 each. I give my daughter Jane Hogarth $580. I appoint Daniel Scott of Ovid and my son Richard Hogarth of Village of Geneva executors. Witnesses: Bostwick Noble, Israel Smith, Richard Hogarth. (no date) Recorded 16 Jan. 1818. Pp.168-170. Wills (1813-1827) and Letters ofAdministration (1813-1815), BookA; as found in the files in the Seneca County Surrogate's Office, Waterloo.

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